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19 July 2017

The Australian wrote about Noel Pearson and the two founders of Uphold & Recognise: “Mr Pearson [adopted] the ideas put forward by constitutional conservatives Julian Leeser and Damien Freeman, who suggested an extra-constitutional declaration would protect the nation’s blueprint from unintended legal consequences while allowing for more poetic and full-spirited expression.”

5 June 2017

An article about Sean Gordon, the Chairman of Uphold & Recognise, is available at The Daily Telegraph’s website: “What we’re trying to achieve in constitutional recognition is Indigenous empowerment that allows us to start to have some control over our own affairs.”

30 May 2017

Jeff Kennett in The Herald Sun: "Uphold, recognise and celebrate. Count me in!”

29 May 2017

Noel Pearson praised Uphold & Recognise during an episode of the ABC's Q&A: “Constitutional conservatives [Damien Freeman and Julian Leeser] have formed an organisation called Uphold & Recognise — uphold the Constitution and recognise Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Now, that is the formula that can bind us all together.”

29 May 2017

Rachel Perkins praised Uphold & Recognise in The Australian: “Uphold & Recognise is an organisation making the conservative case for Indigenous recognition that upholds the Australian Constitution. I was involved in its event at Parliament House last year. Its work is impressive. Uphold & Recognise argues for a constitutional amendment to ensure Indigenous peoples a voice in laws and policies made about them, in a way that upholds the Constitution. It also suggests keeping symbolism outside the Constitution.”

27 May 2017

The Weekend Australian cited Uphold & Recognise on its front page: “Constitutional lawyer Damien Freeman, co-founder with Liberal MP Julian Leeser of the conservative Uphold & Recognise group, told The Weekend Australian that the declaration’s proposals of a ‘First Nations Voice and a Makarrata Commission’ was ‘compatible with the enduring legal sovereignty of the Crown’.”

19 May 2017

The Australian wrote about “Practical Recognition from the Mobs’ Perspective”, an essay by Warren Mundine. The essay is part of Uphold & Recognise’s Monograph Series.

17 May 2017

The Australian reviewed Uphold & Recognise’s event at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. Click here to read more about our events.

16 May 2017

The Australian wrote an article about Sean Gordon, Chairman of Uphold & Recognise.

Reviews of The Forgotten People

The Forgotten People is a book co-edited by Damien Freeman from Uphold & Recognise and Shireen Morris from the Cape York Institute. It is available for purchase via Melbourne University Press.