28 June 2018

Michael Kirby wrote an article for The Sydney Morning Herald about our event. The Australian and NITV also published articles on the subject.

26 June 2018

The Australian published an article about the launch of Upholding the Big Ideas by Uphold & Recognise and the PM Glynn Institute. The launch featured the former High Court judge Michael Kirby, Noel Pearson, Rachel Perkins and Greg Craven. 

Upholding the Big Ideas can be downloaded from our Publications page.

2 June 2018

The Australian published an article by Noel Pearson about Constitutional Recognition and Uphold & Recognise.

16 April 2018

The Australian published a short interview with Nolan Hunter about the proposed, constitutionally enshrined voice to Parliament.

2 March 2018

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Julian Leeser MP (the co-founder of Uphold & Recognise) and Senator Patrick Dodson will co-chair “a new parliamentary committee that will seek to find ‘common ground’ and work towards a successful referendum on Indigenous recognition in the Constitution”.

19 February 2018

The Hon. Chris Bowen MP mentioned The Forgotten People, a book co-edited by Damien Freeman and Shireen Morris, during an episode of the ABC’s Q&A. Bowen acknowledged that the Voice to Parliament is supported by constitutional conservatives such as Professor Greg Craven and Julian Leeser MP. The Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP referred to the Voice as “a third chamber of Parliament”. The Forgotten People explains why Frydenberg’s characterisation is incorrect.

27 January 2018

Noel Pearson cited the two co-founders of Uphold & Recognise in his latest article for The Australian: “The genius of Freeman and Leeser’s concept of an extra-constitutional declaration offers an apposite instrument to set out the reconciled meaning of Australia.”

26 November 2017

Noel Pearson wrote about Uphold & Recognise and Damien Freeman in his new essay for The Monthly: “One of the devisers of the voice-to-the-parliament proposal was the lawyer and philosopher Damien Freeman. [...] Freeman established with Liberal MP Julian Leeser the conservative organisation Uphold & Recognise, dedicated to Indigenous constitutional recognition via the voice to parliament. Freeman is a true conservative.”

15 November 2017

The Australian covered Sean Gordon’s resignation from the Liberal Party: “Mr Gordon is Chairman of the Uphold and Recognise group established by Mr [Julian] Leeser to promote the proposed constitutional reform as being both modest and legally sound.” Upon resignation, Mr Gordon said, “I cannot remain a member of a party that denies a voice to the First Peoples of this country.”

1 November 2017

The CEO and co-founders of Uphold & Recognise are cited in an article from The Australian, “Eminent Lawyers Petition Turnbull to Rethink Voice Stance.”

28 October 2017

The Weekend Australian published an article about the Uluru Statement, the proposed Indigenous advisory body, and the co-founders of Uphold & Recognise: “While complex, the central proposition of the Uluru Statement was constitutionally conservative, developed by professors Greg Craven and Anne Twomey, Liberal MP Julian Leeser and lawyer and philosopher Damien Freeman. As the Law Council noted this week, the body would have been ‘a mechanism for Indigenous views to be expressed to parliament, not in parliament.’ Its role would have been advisory and non-binding.”

27 October 2017

The ABC published an opinion piece by Sean Gordon, “Indigenous Recognition: The Turnbull Government’s Rejection of the Uluru Statement is Indefensible.”

26 October 2017

The Guardian cited Julian Leeser’s declaration of support for the Uluru Statement: “What [Indigenous people] are giving us instead is a direction, an important direction. They are telling us that they want to be consulted and have a voice in the way in which policy is developed, and consultation is good.” The Guardian also noted the support of “leading legal organisations, including the Law Council of Australia and the New South Wales Bar Association.”

20 September 2017

The National Indigenous Times reviewed A Rightful Place: A Road Map to Recognition. The book features a chapter by Damien Freeman and Nolan Hunter.

16 September 2017

SBS conducted an interview with Uphold & Recognise’s CEO, David Allinson, about an essay by Sean Gordon, entitled Claiming the Common Ground for Recognition. Gordon’s essay is available for download hereClick here to listen to the interview. SBS also wrote a report about the essay’s launch, which featured Stan Grant, Chris Kenny and Michael Rose AM.

26 August 2017

In The Australian, Chris Kenny endorsed the idea formulated by Noel Pearson and the founders of Uphold & Recognise: “The idea of leaving the Constitution alone, except to mandate an indigenous advisory body (voice) on indigenous matters, and hosting the eloquence and symbolism of a statement of recognition in a separate declaration outside of the law made enormous sense.”

28 July 2017

The Australian cited remarks by Geoffrey Winters and Professor Greg Craven in support of the proposed Indigenous advisory body. The remarks were made at an event hosted by Uphold & Recognise and the Australian Catholic University in Sydney on 26 July.

24 July 2017

Sean Gordon and David Allinson from Uphold & Recognise are signatories of a statement that supports the Referendum Council’s recommendations from 30 June. The Australian cited the full list of signatories.

19 July 2017

The Australian wrote about Noel Pearson and the two founders of Uphold & Recognise: “Mr Pearson [adopted] the ideas put forward by constitutional conservatives Julian Leeser and Damien Freeman, who suggested an extra-constitutional declaration would protect the nation’s blueprint from unintended legal consequences while allowing for more poetic and full-spirited expression.”

13 July 2017

The Daily Telegraph published an opinion piece by Sean Gordon, “Why Blackfellas Need a Voice in Parliament.”

5 June 2017

An article about Sean Gordon, the Chairman of Uphold & Recognise, is available at The Daily Telegraph’s website: “What we’re trying to achieve in constitutional recognition is Indigenous empowerment that allows us to start to have some control over our own affairs.”

30 May 2017

Jeff Kennett in The Herald Sun: “Uphold, recognise and celebrate. Count me in!”

29 May 2017

Noel Pearson praised Uphold & Recognise during an episode of the ABC's Q&A: “Constitutional conservatives [Damien Freeman and Julian Leeser] have formed an organisation called Uphold & Recognise — uphold the Constitution and recognise Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Now, that is the formula that can bind us all together.”

29 May 2017

Rachel Perkins praised Uphold & Recognise in The Australian: “Uphold & Recognise is an organisation making the conservative case for Indigenous recognition that upholds the Australian Constitution. I was involved in its event at Parliament House last year. Its work is impressive. Uphold & Recognise argues for a constitutional amendment to ensure Indigenous peoples a voice in laws and policies made about them, in a way that upholds the Constitution. It also suggests keeping symbolism outside the Constitution.”

27 May 2017

The Weekend Australian cited Uphold & Recognise on its front page: “Constitutional lawyer Damien Freeman, co-founder with Liberal MP Julian Leeser of the conservative Uphold & Recognise group, told The Weekend Australian that the declaration’s proposals of a ‘First Nations Voice and a Makarrata Commission’ was ‘compatible with the enduring legal sovereignty of the Crown’.”

26 May 2017

UQ academics Mary Graham and Morgan Brigg responded to Warren Mundine’s Practical Recognition from the Mobs’ Perspective in the First Nations Telegraph

25 May 2017

SBS wrote about Warren Mundine’s essay, Practical Recognition from the Mobs’ Perspective, which is published by Uphold & Recognise. Mundine’s essay is available for download here.

19 May 2017

The Australian wrote about “Practical Recognition from the Mobs’ Perspective”, an essay by Warren Mundine. The essay is part of Uphold & Recognise’s Monograph Series.

17 May 2017

The Australian reviewed Uphold & Recognise’s event at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. Click here to read more about our events.

16 May 2017

The Australian wrote an article about Sean Gordon, Chairman of Uphold & Recognise.

3 June 2016

The Australian Christian Lobby cited Jeff Kennett’s remarks at the launch of The Forgotten People: “It is my opinion now that the Australian community is ready for such recognition [of Indigenous peoples]. It is ready for recognition that isn’t just symbolic, that actually puts some weight and meaning into that recognition.”

26 May 2016

Damien Freeman and Shireen Morris discussed The Forgotten People with Tom Switzer on ABC Radio National.

25 June 2015

The Final Report of the Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples noted the proposal for a Declaration of Recognition, suggested by Damien Freeman and Julian Leeser. The Declaration is designed to “avoid ‘legal technicalities’ while still addressing cultural issues” (p. 38).

13 April 2015

The ABC, the SBS and The Australian reported the launch of “The Australian Declaration of Recognition” by Damien Freeman and Julian Leeser.

30 January 2015

Australians for Constitutional Monarchy (ACM) made a submission to the Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. In that submission, ACM noted the proposal for constitutional recognition put forward by Damien Freeman and Julian Leeser: “ACM believes that serious consideration should be given to this proposal either as an end in itself, or in the longer term" (8.1-8.3).

Reviews of The Forgotten People

The Forgotten People is a book co-edited by Damien Freeman from Uphold & Recognise and Shireen Morris from the Cape York Institute. It is available for purchase via Melbourne University Press.