Uphold & Recognise


20 September 2017

The National Indigenous Times reviewed A Rightful Place: A Road Map to Recognition. The book features a chapter by Damien Freeman and Nolan Hunter.

16 September 2017

SBS conducted an interview with Uphold & Recognise’s Chief Executive Officer, David Allinson, about an essay by Sean Gordon, entitled Claiming the Common Ground for Recognition. Click here to listen to the interview. Gordon’s essay is available for download here.

26 August 2017

In The Australian, Chris Kenny endorsed the idea formulated by Noel Pearson and the founders of Uphold & Recognise: “The idea of leaving the Constitution alone, except to mandate an indigenous advisory body (voice) on indigenous matters, and hosting the eloquence and symbolism of a statement of recognition in a separate declaration outside of the law made enormous sense.”

28 July 2017

The Australian cited remarks by Geoffrey Winters and Professor Greg Craven in support of the proposed Indigenous advisory body. The remarks were made at an event hosted by Uphold & Recognise and the Australian Catholic University in Sydney on 26 July.

24 July 2017

Sean Gordon and David Allinson from Uphold & Recognise are signatories of a statement that supports the Referendum Council’s recommendations from 30 June. The Australian cited the full list of signatories.

19 July 2017

The Australian wrote about Noel Pearson and the two founders of Uphold & Recognise: “Mr Pearson [adopted] the ideas put forward by constitutional conservatives Julian Leeser and Damien Freeman, who suggested an extra-constitutional declaration would protect the nation’s blueprint from unintended legal consequences while allowing for more poetic and full-spirited expression.”

Reviews of The Forgotten People

The Forgotten People is a book co-edited by Damien Freeman from Uphold & Recognise and Shireen Morris from the Cape York Institute. It is available for purchase via Melbourne University Press.