Guest blog: Nick Greiner

Recognition of Australia’s Indigenous peoples is something we all want to see happen. I believe that the act of recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is more significant than any of the details of how we go about doing it, and I believe that this is the view of most Australians.  What we need is a proposal for recognition that has the maximum chance of success, so that we can get on with doing it.  This means finding an honourable compromise that addresses the concerns and aspirations of those most closely connected with all sides of the current debate.  I believe that the approach taken in The Forgotten People is the best chance we have for finding such a pragmatic compromise.  So I am proud to support the efforts of Uphold & Recognise to achieve constitutional recognition in a sensible and timely way.

Nick Greiner AC was the 37th Premier of New South Wales, and is ex-leader of the Liberal Party (NSW). He is the most recent Charter signatory of Uphold & Recognise.

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