Our Chairman’s Recent Honours

Uphold & Recognise are pleased to announce that our Chairman, Sean Gordon, recently received two prestigious honours in recognition of his work towards empowering Aboriginal communities on the NSW Central Coast and throughout Australia.

On 25 October, Mr Gordon was announced as a finalist of the Human Rights Commission’s ‘Racism, It Stops With Me Award.’ The Commission will announce the winner of this award at its annual Human Rights Awards at the Westin Hotel in Sydney on 8 December 2017.

Mr Gordon has also been accepted in the prestigious Atlantic Fellows program for social equity. This program is a leadership program working with social change makers and community-based nation builders to shift attitudes, change systems, and create opportunities to support Indigenous people and communities to flourish. 

Mr Gordon is also Chair of the National Empowered Communities Leadership Group. He has been active in the movement for constitutional recognition, working with Uphold & Recognise and producing Claiming the Common Ground for Recognition in the Uphold & Recognise Monograph Series. Mr Gordon was a regional representative to the Referendum Council held at Uluru that resulted in the Statement from the Heart.

We wish Mr Gordon well on his journey and look forward to continuing to support his work towards the constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Uphold & Recognise