Guest Blog: Richard Zimler

I discovered early on in my career that writing about men and women whose voices have been stolen from themwho have been silenced, often for centuriesgives me a particular sense of accomplishment. And so I am very pleased to be able to lend my support to Uphold & Recognise.  I believe that it is extremely important to recognise that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples occupy a unique place in the history and culture of Australia. And I fully support Uphold & Recognise’s goal of ensuring that their voices are heard in indigenous policy-making, in part so that past injustices are not repeated, but also because they must have the right to make their contribution to the future of Australia.

Richard Zimler’s novels have been translated into 23 languages and have appeared on bestseller lists in twelve different countries, including the United States, UK, Australia, Brazil, Italy and Portugal.  Five of his works have been nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, the richest prize in the English-speaking world.  His novels include The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon and The Warsaw Anagrams.  He lives in Porto, Portugal, and he has both Portuguese and American nationality.  His website is: 




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