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We seek constitutional reforms to empower our people and take a rightful place in our own country. In 1967, we were counted. In 2017, we seek to be heard.
— The Uluru Statement from the Heart


Options for Discussion

Providing detail for progressing the conversation about constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

The Statement from the Heart was made at Uluru on 26 May 2017. It called for a First Nations’ Voice to Parliament and a Makarrata Commission.

The Referendum Council’s final report was delivered to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition on 30 June 2017. It recommended amending the Australian Constitution to make provision for a First Nations’ Voice to Parliament and adopting a Declaration of Recognition outside the Constitution.

Neither the Statement nor the final report provided comprehensive details about implementing their proposals.

Over the last twelve months, Uphold & Recognise has worked with the PM Glynn Institute at Australian Catholic University to provide the detail for how the big ideas discussed at Uluru and in the Referendum Council’s final report might be realised.

They have been guided by a strategic committee comprising Sean Gordon, and Noel Pearson.

The result of their work is a set of options for how each of these proposals might be implemented. Two options are suggested for hearing Indigenous voices, for makarrata, and for adopting a declaration.

It is intended that these options might form the basis for further consultation with Australia’s Indigenous peoples and in turn inform Australia’s parliamentarians of constitutionally conservative options for realising Indigenous aspirations.

These documents will be launched on 26 June 2018. They can be downloaded from our Publications page.

About Uphold & Recognise

Uphold & Recognise is a non-profit organisation that promotes discussion of how we can recognise Indigenous Australians without disturbing the way that the Constitution operates. The Uluru Statement from the Heart and the Referendum Council’s final report call for Indigenous Australians to be empowered to take responsibility for their own affairs through, among other things, a first nations voice to Parliament. Uphold & Recognise supports these calls. 

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